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We design and build long-lasting footpaths so people can get around easily, connect with nature and explore the great outdoors.


With the ability to design and construct many types of paths, we deploy our specialist path squads and state-of-the-art machinery all over Scotland to expertly craft routes that are durable, safe and fit for purpose.

We consider several factors when creating a new path, ensuring no stone is left unturned. This includes assessing ground condition constraints that will dictate the best materials to use and ensuring the route benefits from a low-maintenance and effective drainage system.

We also ensure that all ecological considerations have been factored into our plans so that the natural heritage surrounding the path remains unaffected, and habitats and nesting areas are preserved.

With our expertise in civil construction and environmental engineering, we can also adapt the surrounding environment in a way that allows for clear passage along the route while not adversely affecting the ecosystem’s natural balance.

Any footpath we construct is finished to the highest standard and has a low environmental impact, ensuring you have a path that stands up to heavy use without sacrificing the natural beauty and diversity of the surrounding environment.

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