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Trail Design & Construction at the Glenlivet Trail Centre

The Crown Estate
2014 – 2021 (multiple visits)

Work Scope

With the aim of constructing a network of trails suitable for families and more experienced riders, Glenlivet Estate has engaged with us on many occasions to provide MTB trail design and construction services.

Designing a range of innovative trails that prioritise user experience and blend with the landscape was our primary goal, and we're delighted that the trails we've built for the estate continue to attract such positive feedback from riders.

As part of a 5-month workscope at Glenlivet Estate, we created blue and red trails that would suit a range of different ages and abilities. The blue trail was designed with beginner and intermediate riders in mind, and is packed with exciting features that add to the user experience while not being too technical.

The estate's new red trail is for more experienced riders and comprises a fast flowing single track that winds through moorland and woodland. Glenlivet also wanted us to install a new orange descent - a free ride trail providing 1km of jumps and berms - a track that is already proving to be a popular choice for skilled riders.

Providing a fun and accessible environment for riders to warm up ahead of the trails, or to brush up on their skills, we were also contracted to construct a 75m long pump track next to the estate's café. A full CRC squad was deployed for this project and this compact piece of trail was constructed using the as-dug material from the ground.

Two CRC team members working on the Glenlivet Estate Mountain Bike Trail


For any work we undertake, ensuring low environmental impact is essential.

For this particular project, we ensured that we were prioritising sustainability throughout and avoiding any harm to the natural environment. This included using construction methods for the trails that would minimise tree loss in the area.

Since constructing Glenlivet's new trails, the CRC team have been back to the estate to handle repairs and regrading. We've also made improvements to the highest route's drainage where exceptionally heavy rain and rider use had deteriorated the trail and drainage features.

We undertook this work using a 5 tonne excavator with tilting hitch, an environmentally sympathetic yet practically robust approach that ensures the repair sites are reinstated and waterproofed as far as possible while preserving the natural surroundings.

A member of the CRC team test riding the Glenlivet Estate mountain bike trail


Set against the stunning backdrop of the Cairngorms National Park, the Glenlivet Estate's MTB trails are a popular draw for families and expert riders. And we know that with the estate's continued investment in building new and exciting facilities, it will be a top MTB destination for years to come.

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