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Bike Trails

Our unrivalled reputation for designing and building MTB trails has led to us developing some truly unique rider experiences.

Bike Trails

From feasibility through to construction and maintenance, we offer a unique in-house mountain bike trail design and construction service.

Our Experience

We have earned a reputation for creating exciting natural trails, trail centres and pump tracks that are unique to their location and provide the desired rider experience while minimising environmental disturbance.

We’ve worked on some of the most exciting mountain biking trails in Scotland, some of which have gained national recognition or been used for international competitions and events. However, we also thoroughly enjoy working on more modest projects, introducing MTB facilities to local communities and getting people excited about the sport.

Design, Construction and Testing

With a dedicated Trail Designer & Site Manager assigned to your project, every last detail of your trail will be meticulously designed and constructed to a high standard. By maximising the features of the natural landscape, we develop a unique trail that meets your needs and has a low impact on the surrounding environment.

To ensure MTB riders will love what we build, our team members with varying cycling abilities test ride all of our trails and tracks during construction and ahead of launch. This ensures they are safe, work as intended and provide your users with an unforgettable experience.

Once your trail is complete, we can provide a comprehensive range of services to maintain it in the long term. This ranges from trail inspections to carrying out maintenance to providing training for your team members so they can conduct inspections in-house.

Safety and the Environment

We are experienced in managing trail projects, from small-scale maintenance to significant trail centre developments. We adhere to CDM procedures and have invested heavily in state-of-the-art equipment that makes constructing our trails safer, less labour-intensive and more efficient.

Environmental Consultants will often join us on site to review the project during its design and construction phases to give us their observations and guidance. We take all of their insights on board to work within the area’s ecological constraints and avoid harm or disturbance to local wildlife.

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