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Core Principles

We are committed to providing a responsive and valuable service, while lowering our impact on the environment.

Core Principles

To keep this promise to our clients, we take an approach based on a set of core principles that define what we do, who we are and why we're different.

Happy, Hard Working Company

As a team of people who enjoy exploring the great outdoors through various pursuits, every single one of our staff members is passionate about preserving the natural environment. It's why we love, and take pride in, what we do - because we know the benefits our work will bring to communities all over Scotland.

Sustainability Mindset

We are continually striving to make all our operations as sustainable as possible. We are increasingly focused on incorporating net-zero principles into every part of our business. Therefore, we go into every job with the mindset of minimising our environmental impact at every turn, rather than sustainability being a tick-box exercise.

Adaptive Skills and Methods

With our wide ranging collective experience, we bring a unique combination of skills to any job we undertake. We adapt our core skills to a variety of large and small projects and never take a "one-size-fits-all" approach.

Value Engineering

Before we even start construction, we'll review your proposed design to identify any room for savings or any ways we can make the job even more environmentally friendly. That way, you can be safe in the knowledge that your project is as cost-effective as possible with the lowest possible environmental impact.

Clear Communication

When everyone is on the same page, we all do our best work. From initial query to project completion, we ensure that clients, team members and sub-contractors have all the information they need at each stage and can always get in touch with any questions or concerns.


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