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Tarland Trails Trail Centre

Tarland Development Group
2016 & March 2022 – April 2023

Work Scope

Tarland Trails initially began in 2016 as a project to develop skills focused trails and pump track. CRC were principal contractor and worked with designer Cycletherapy for this phase of the trails.

The success and popularity of this facility has led to the creation of a new much larger trail centre at Tarland in 2022. CRC is the designer and principal contractor employed to construct and design Scotland’s latest and the North East’s first mountain bike Trail Centre. During 11 months on site CRC built 17 km of blue, red and black trail in this remote location. The trails are designed by the team to be state of the art modern trails that are safe, sustainable and fun to ride. They are designed to build upon the success of Tarland Trails 1 with a more progressive set of trails providing an increased challenge and larger scale trail network close to the village. The trails are focused on providing a range of trail features and types of trail rarely seen in Scotland. Progression is built into the development. The easiest blue trails close to the car park and the more progressive red trails further up the hill.

CRC Tarland 1


The trails were built using 14-ton and 5 ton excavators with Tiltrotators. With multiple teams working on site across the project. A 100 space car park and roadside path to Tarland has also been completed as part of the project for users of the trails.

Minimising the impact on the existing environment was a key goal. Environmental Consultants Envirocentre were on site every week to review and advise the team. Their observations and guidance to mitigate and avoid ecological constraints. These required sections of trail to be rerouted to avoid nesting wildlife and in certain cases areas to be avoided during the nesting season.

CRC Tarland 2
CRC Tarland 3

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