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Upgrading the Glenlivet to Tomintoul Route

Cairngorms National Park Authority, Tomintoul and Glenlivet Landscape Partnership
The Speyside Way
April 2019 – February 2020

Work Scope

Forming part of the 15-mile Speyside Way Spur Path, CRC was brought in by the 'Accessing the Landscape Project' to upgrade and repair the route from Tomintoul to Glenlivet.

The workscope included upgrading and repairing wet and muddy sections of the trail and improving the path's drainage to reduce erosion and wear. Due to the works being spread out along a 14km remote upland route, we had to take varying ground conditions into account, collaborate with subcontractors and find our way round any access issues.

Two CRC path squads were deployed and the teams used a variety of techniques and specialist machinery to meet the client's requirements. The teams were also able to lend their considerable Civil Engineering experience in relocating a bridge.



With the aim of improving access, CRC was also tasked with replacing most of the site's boardwalks with raised, aggregate paths that require less maintenance.

And, our trusted subcontractor Jim Moir brought his expertise to replace the stiles and chain gates with self-closing gates as well as fencing and way markers.

We used our extensive experience to procure and manage the individual specialist elements, including the traffic control for a roadside section and sourcing low ground pressure equipment to bring aggregate across wet, soft ground.

Some extra capacity in the form of a 3rd path squad was deployed for three weeks to ensure the project stayed on track. This is a standard practice for us, as weather and ground conditions often affect productivity, and having this extra capacity available helps us stick to deadlines and keep our promises to clients.


Safety & Environment

Safety is our number one priority with any project.

With this project requiring remote working, we put extra safety measures in place, such as twice daily ‘checking in’ and the use of radios where phone signal was weak, to ensure that our teams were working safely at all times. The project was also audited by health and safety consultants, Safehands Ltd to help ensure all necessary measures had been taken.

Working in upland peatland required us to be sensitive to the natural environment and the habitats surrounding the worksite. With our sustainability mindset, we ensured that every stage of the project had the lowest possible impact on the environment. This includes our work moving a bridge where we used our river restoration knowledge to avoid polluting the water or destabilising the bank.

The path is now in much better condition, with hikers able to enjoy the long walk from Tomintoul to Glenlivet, or branch off to many of the other walking routes the area has to offer.

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