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Dunnottar Castle Bus Stops Link

Aberdeenshire Council
Dunnottar Castle
January – March 2023

Work Scope

The works involved the construction of a 2m wide footpath on the road verge of the A92 at Dunnottar Castle. The aim was to connect two rural bus stops with no paths, to a route to Dunnottar Castle, increasing the safety of users and to help encourage use of public transport to visit this tourist attraction. This project involved:

  • Restricted working space. Use of an off-site compound.
  • Temporary Pedestrian Diversion routes
  • 3 way traffic control on a 60mph road to facilitate lane closure for 8 weeks
  • Wide variety of kerb types and tactile paving to construct pedestrian road crossings
  • Modification to a road junction island for pedestrian crossing point
  • Reinstatement of highway asphalt to council standards
  • Asphalt surfacing on footpath
  • Relocating road signs
  • Demolition of VRS barrier
  • Installation of new VRS barrier, tied into existing
  • Installation of timber fencing
  • Line marking
  • Soils landscaping and seeding
  • Road sweeping
Dunnottar 2

Key Challenges

The logistical challenges of traffic management, material deliveries and construction on a top of a steep embankment were over come through good communication and forward planning by experienced staff. CRC’s site and project manager particularly contributed to the success greatly by coordinating multiple subcontractors and ensuring the various specification requirements of the VRS barriers and Highway reinstatement were adhered to.

There were no instances of environmental damage or other accidents or incidents.

Dunnottar 3
Dunnottar 4
Dunnottar 5

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