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River Restoration

Restoring a river’s natural state, or changing the channel of a river to slow its flow, can help support biodiversity, improve recreation and minimise flood risk.

River Restoration

To increase natural habitats and species as well as reduce flood risk, we bring our extensive experience in river restoration to manage flow and re-engineer channels in challenging locations all over Scotland.

Working with fishery boards, river trusts, community groups, local authorities and SEPA, we are adept at managing a range of stakeholder expectations and priorities. Maintaining open lines of communication at all times, we seek to understand the constraints and concerns of all parties so we can work toward a solution that everyone can get on board with.

We work with trusted design partners, and once your design is agreed upon, we will review it to identify any cost savings or methods for lowering the environmental impact of the restoration project even further.

With our extensive civil works and environmental knowledge, we continually adapt the skills we’ve built up across other sectors to provide construction expertise that result in a sustainable, low-impact solution. It also means that if any civil works need to be undertaken to make your design a reality, we can provide this for you, all in-house.

With a reputable contractor on your side, you can be assured that your river restoration project will bring many benefits to your community.

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