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Gabion Wall Construction at Hydratight’s Dyce Premises

Hydratight Ltd
Kirkhill Industrial Estate, Dyce
January - February 2022 (6 weeks)

Work Scope

At Hydratight’s premises in Kirkhill Industrial Estate, 75m of revetment was failing due to water erosion at one end of the company’s car park.

With structural design being undertaken by Cameron+Ross, CRC was contracted to install a structure which would stabilise the bank and protect the car park from subsidence. Gabion wall structures fit the bill perfectly, offering strength in their simplicity and fast construction.

Before building the gabion walls, our team demolished the existing cobble and cement structure and disposed of it at a local recycling centre. The ground was then prepared for construction of the gabions, with various permeable and impermeable geotextiles installed as required.

Our experienced team erected the gabions, and we simplified the filling by using the Engcon attachment on our excavator. This attachment enables the bucket to rotate continuously and tilt 40 degrees, saving time and labour costs down the line.

CRC staff working on the gabion wall structure alongside an excavator


To minimise the risk of pollution to the site’s watercourse, we used an over-pumping method on the works area’s stream to create a dry work zone and maintain a ‘normal’ flow on either side of the isolated reach.

Throughout our work, we also had to share the site’s compound area with another contractor who was working on a separate project relating to Hydratight’s building. With this in mind, we ensured clear communication with the other contractor, working together to maintain both projects' safe and productive work sites.

The safety of the industrial estate's users was also crucial. As Hydratight staff would have to park elsewhere during construction and walk over to their office, we implemented and maintained safe pedestrian routes to ensure they could get to work safely and without entering any potentially hazardous zones.

Hydratights gabion wall structure


Our team completed the construction of the gabion wall structures on time and on budget, a point that was much appreciated by the estate agent who commissioned us to complete the work. The designer we worked with was also satisfied with the outcome, particularly the tidiness of the job and the worksite.

With its proven design and flexibility, the gabion wall structures installed at Hydratight’s premises will require little to no maintenance, protecting the company’s car park from water erosion for a long time.

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