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Construction of Accessible Footbridge in Dyce

Aberdeen City Council
On Riverside Path near Burnside Drive, Dyce
6 weeks

Work Scope

On a riverside path near Burnside Drive in Dyce, a footbridge was proving to be challenging to use. Besides the bridge being very narrow and inaccessible for wheelchair users, the approach to the bridge was also very steep, making it potentially hazardous for those looking to use it.

Aberdeen City Council contracted CRC to remove this narrow and not-fit-for-purpose structure and build a new footbridge that would be safe, accessible and low maintenance.

Our team designed and installed a brand new bridge at the site comprising:

  • Concrete abutments for vertical and lateral support

  • A 14x3m steel frame for strength and efficient construction

  • A 3m wide tar path to provide more accessibility

  • Bollards to ensure the bridge is only used by pedestrians and cyclists

  • Sustainable timber fencing that provides safety and also looks good in this environment

Once the bridge was completed, we built a tar path leading away from the it in both directions to subbase level. The project benefited from the CRC’s extensive expertise in civil and environmental projects, as well as the specialist plant and equipment we can provide, for example, Engcon-equipped excavators and various sizes of dumpers.

Dyces Riverside Footbridge


This riverside site was difficult to access, which led to the bridge frame being fabricated off-site before being carried down the path and placed on the abutments using two large excavators. We carried out extensive risk assessments for the lifting operations to minimise risk.

Because of this riverside environment, we also needed to be mindful of ground conditions and how these would vary throughout the site. Taking a flexible approach, making quick decisions based on our expertise and completing comprehensive risk assessments, we were ready for anything this project threw at us, whether it be varying ground conditions, poor weather or site flooding.

Being near a watercourse, we also remained highly aware that we were working in an environmentally sensitive area. With this in mind, we adopted strict sediment and pollution controls to avoid harming the watercourse and its inhabitants. This meant deploying oil-catching bars and silt-catching measures to ensure there was no accidental contamination.

With the site also being home to some invasive species, we prevented contamination by laying specialist geotextiles over the areas in question and decontaminating all machinery before leaving the site.

Due to the proximity to residential buildings, the site also needed to be heras-fenced all the way around to ensure the public’s safety. So that there was as little disruption to the residents as possible, we programmed our deliveries sensitively and ensured any noisy activities took place at appropriate times.

Tracked Excavator at Farburn Bridge Dyce


With its steel frame and hardwood timber decking, Farburn Bridge is expected to have a long lifespan with little to no maintenance.

Upon using the new bridge, there have been many comments about how it has opened up access to the surrounding community and provided access to nature. A few businesses nearby, such as local restaurants, have even reported an increase in traffic with more people who work in the area visiting on their lunch break.

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