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Constructing Bike Park Trails in Bell Wood, Aboyne

Aboyne Bike Park Association
Bell Wood, Aboyne

Work Scope

With the aim of setting up mountain biking trails that would be suitable for all ages and abilities, CRC began working with Aboyne Bike Park Association and Mid Deeside Limited in 2013 to bring an exciting new bike park to Bell Wood.

The work scope for CRC involved constructing blue, red and black grade downhill trails, four lines of jumps and a small pump track. Undertaking the construction of the trails, we worked alongside a third-party designer to bring the project to life.

Our experienced trail staff provided invaluable support throughout the project, ensuring that all trails were safe and provided an enjoyable experience for visitors. And because our team are avid mountain bikers themselves, they were able to test the tracks during construction and ahead of launch to ensure every detail had been accounted for.

The result was a network of trails that provided something for everyone. From beginners to BMX riders to expert mountain bikers, the trails can offer an enjoyable family day out or an adrenaline-pumping, highly technical challenge.

The ‘Rattle Snake’ is the trail with the highest degree of difficulty, incorporating large technical features and a continuous rocky ride. The ‘Side Winder’ is a slightly more accessible red trail, but with a steep single track and a descent filled with berms and small drop-offs, this trail still challenges its riders.

Beyond the trails, the ‘Spitting Cobra’ provides a great jumps area where riders can hone their jumping and landing skills. And the ‘Cycle Highlands Python’ pump track and skills area is full of berms and rollers that take skilled riders around using only their momentum.

Aboyne Bike Park Trail


The jump line was probably the project’s biggest challenge at Aboyne Bike Park.

On near-level ground, the essentially flat surface would mean that the jumps would not ‘pump’ well, and riders would not be able to maintain their speed around the track. By completing a large amount of earthworks in this area, we modified the natural, flat gradient to provide the required slope riders need to maintain momentum during their ride.

From an environmental standpoint, the CRC team had to be mindful of a badger sett located at the site. Taking advice from an environmental consultant, the team was briefed on the required boundaries that would need to be in place around the sett and the working hours that would be possible without disturbing the natural, nocturnal habits of the badgers.

Alternative View of Aboyne Bike Park Trails


Aboyne Bike Park continues to attract riders of all ages and abilities to take on its exciting trails. Feedback from the project has been very positive, with users claiming that the bike park is a great place for kids to ride easily and safely and that it contains some excellent technical features for riders to sharpen their skills.

At the end of the project in 2014, we left a pile of aggregate with the bike park association so that they could carry out the small maintenance jobs that would typically be required after the trails have endured some expected wear and tear.

However, when more extensive repairs need to be completed, or maintenance of the trails requires machinery, the CRC team is on hand to help with resurfacing, sharpening off take-off jumps and any other tasks that may need to be completed to ensure users continue to benefit from this fantastic bike park.

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