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Car Park Construction in Kinclaven Bluebell Woods, Perth

Scottish Woodland Trust
Kinclaven Bluebell Woods, Perth
April - May 2019 (6 weeks)

Work Scope

Due to its breathtaking display of bluebells in the Spring (and its appearance in the hit TV show, Outlander), the Kinclaven Bluebell Wood is a popular spot for many.

Visitor numbers have grown exponentially over the years, which is fantastic for the local area but not so good for the wood’s parking situation. With no official parking system in place, many visitors were resorting to leaving their cars on and causing damage to the entrance road verge.

To rectify this, CRC was contracted by the Scottish Woodland Trust to construct an all-new, purpose-built car park. Our team performed the principal contractor role on the project, working closely with the client and architect to identify value engineering opportunities that would result in cost savings and even less impact on the environment. This also allowed for unforeseen costs to be accommodated for without going over the client’s fixed budget.

For example, laying permeable grass surfacing on approximately half of the car park area (approx. 1,400 sqm) resulted in cost savings for the client as the entire parking area did not need to be paved. However, visitors could still park their cars safely without disturbing the grass underneath or getting stuck in the mud!

Paving at Kinclaven Bluebell Woods Car Park


An unfortunate, unforeseen cost arose after it was discovered that kerb edging at the main entrance from the public road had been missed from the original plans. However, our team jumped into action and re-designed the perimeter drainage system to reduce the amount of gravel backfill required. This solution ensured the project stayed on budget while maintaining environmental functionality.

From an environmental standpoint, the Kinclaven Bluebell Woods provide a refuge for many types of wildlife, some of which are very rare. Our team was mindful of this during the entire project, ensuring that we included any habitats to avoid in risk assessments and that our operations were sensitive to the natural environment throughout.

Close Up of Surface at Kinclaven Bluebell Woods Car Park


On completion of the project, the client and architect were impressed with the quality of the car park’s finish.

Though the car park is low maintenance, we did have to return to the site following some heavy rain storms. However, by completing a few minor adjustments to the drainage, the Kinclaven Bluebell Woods car park was back up and running - ready to welcome visitors from near and far.

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