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Flood & Scour Protection

Sustainable flood risk and scour protection management is essential for keeping communities safe and preserving vital structures and natural features.

Flood & Scour Protection

In implementing effective flood and scour protection measures, we do everything we can to minimise environmental impact.

Our approach combines extensive civil works and environmental engineering expertise to provide you with structurally sound flood and scour protection that does not adversely affect the area’s ecosystem. The combination of experience in these fields means that when it comes to constructing your solution, we have the technical knowledge to put structures in place that will mitigate any issues while always minimising the environmental effect.

We work with trusted third parties who prioritise green engineering solutions where possible. Before construction begins, we ensure that the design is buildable within the site’s current constraints and identify any cost savings or ways that we can lower the project’s environmental impact.

We’ll provide you with a clear programme and timeline for completing the work, ensuring you are always kept in the loop on the project's progress. And though we’re confident we will deliver your flood prevention and scour protection measures with a high level of finesse, you can rely on a defects guarantee for an agreed period.

Our goal is to provide you with sustainable flood risk or scour protection management that meets your needs, complies with all relevant regulations and minimises environmental impact.

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