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The creation of new or upgrading of existing trails is a process that can feel like a long time from conception to construction. CRC are highly experienced with this process and can guide a client through each stage as efficiently as possible:

  • Initial free consultation: This includes a site visit with a Trail Designer and an informal chat about client expectations and suitability of the site. This should give the client a realistic viewpoint on what needs to happen to turn their idea into a reality and a rough indicative budget. 

  • Feasibility Study: An experienced trail designer will work with other experienced staff and outside consultants to undertake the necessary public consultations and surveys to prepare a document that will confirm the scope of the client’s requirements. This will also provide some of the information required for a local planning application and funding applications. This document will recommend trail routes and gradings based on predicted use as well as other issues such as access from a public road, vehicle parking and facilities. Environmental, ecological and ground surveys will be included – these will be essential when deciding the exact route of the trails and how they will be constructed.

  • Planning Permission: CRC staff have a variety of experiences with planning applications for different projects and can provide advice on the information you should include with your application to help it through as quickly as possible. There is also a list of past clients who will be able to provide further advise based on their own experiences.

  • Funding: If outside funding is required CRC will provide advice on where to look and assistance with filling in applications and providing costs for budgeting purposes. If you plan to run the trails commercially then please get in touch to see if there is scope to carry out the project as a joint venture or similar. 

  • Design and Construction: The fun part. An experienced designer will consult the feasibility study to gauge the scope and meet onsite with the client and a selection of end users to ensure they have a solid understanding of what is desired for the site. Using their experience and creativity they will overlay on the feasibility study plans rough positions for different trail features while walking the site. Once the client is happy with this micro design phase, construction will begin. The designer will take on responsibility for on-site quality control and be responsible for testing the trails as they are constructed and ensuring the drainage and landscaping are carried out to a high standard. As required, they will guide the construction team to make changes to ensure the trails ride well and meet safety standards. The CRC build team are highly experienced with this working method and have a very good relationship with the trail designer. Once complete the designer will ‘sign off’ the project as complete and advise the client of insurance they may need to put in place. A comprehensive maintenance plan and 1 free session of on-site maintenance instruction is included.

  • Management: Over-all responsibility for each contract will belong to CRC Director Chris Rogerson and he will perform the role of contract manager. This will involve ensuring the site is fully HSE compliant, with the safety of staff and the public the no.1 priority. Chris will communicate weekly project updates to the client and be responsible for delivering the project on time and budget.

  • Ongoing trail care: CRC are always keen to be involved with a project long after it is complete and will stand by a 1year guarantee. During this period any sections that become excessively worn or soft due to an error of design or construction will be rectified, usually within 2 weeks. Past the 1st year CRC can provide quotes for maintenance and construction of new sections or modifications to existing as required.

Get in touch with details of your project and you will receive a prompt reply, to plan what the next steps may be.

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